4680 Marine Ave Powell Bc River


4680 Marine Ave Powell Bc River

Business with Property

It is located in the main commercial area of Power River Eat Alley. Big events (Summer: BlackBerry Festival, Fall: Halloween, Winter: Santa Parade) are hosted every year in this commercial area. At the event, sales of more than $4,000 a day will come out. The restaurant has a view of the sea. Also, Willingdon Beach, the largest and most famous in the neighborhood, is a 5-minute walk from the restaurant. Various events such as Canada Day fireworks, jogger sports, and weekly night markets are held at Willingdon Beach every year. Therefore, during the summer vacation, tourists flock to the commercial area where the store is located. It's a 3-minute drive from the store to the ferry terminal. It's a 5-minute drive from the store to Power River Airport. It takes 20 minutes to fly from Vancouver Airport to Power River Airport.

Operating hours are From 12 to 1: 1: 0Break timeIt's from 4:30 to 7:30.One kitchen staff member is using it. The wage per hour is 20 dollars.The sales on weekdays during the off-say season are $1000~1500, and the weekend sales on Fridays and Saturdays are $2500.Weekday sales of the peak season are $2000 and Friday and Saturday weekend sales are $3000When I buy and sell buildings and restaurants, I want to take the corporation. I want to sell it as an asset.



Type: Business with Property
Square Feet: 1,729
Lot Size: 9,108

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