970 - 789 Pender Street Downtown VW, Vancouver West


970 - 789 Pender Street, Downtown VW, Vancouver West

About this Business in Downtown VW, Vancouver West

famous traditional academy opened at downtown in 2008.

ᄋ Target of business trading

- Herald Language College

- IELTS Prep program and various programs curriculum, textbooks, etc. (except online education platforms)

- Office equipment such as desks, chairs, computers, etc.

- Handover for a sufficient period of time, transfer by Turn Key after training

ᄋ An opportunity for business buyers

- Acquisition of various programs such as after-school classes for high school students, adult life English, IELTS, etc.

- The recognition of the "Herald", long-standing relationship with various marketing partners (especially, Japanese agents)

- Operation of various programs such as summer camp (2024 summer camp has already been recruited)

- 3- or 5-year contract for the unit of your choice with discounted rent in the same building (after October 2024)

ᄋ Sales

Please contact us individually for detailed sales details.

- Average academy fee for adult programs

- Average academy fee for after-school programs for high school students

- Sales by individual tutors, etc. (50% share with tutor teacher)

- Summer camp, spring vacation special lectures, winter vacation special lectures, etc.

- Other minor guardians, study abroad commissions, etc.



Type: Business

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